Acidentes de trânsito com envolvimento de motociclistas : Uberlândia ? 2002 a 2004

by da Silva, Rejane Maria

Abstract (Summary)
Currently, in Brazil, the traffic accidents kill nearly 30.000 people and another quantity iswounded every year. This situation is a serious problem for the society and the authorities. Inthis context, we observed the motorcycles are addicted on the fleet of vehicles in increasingnumber because it is a particular vehicle with relative easiness of purchase, economy and forsatisfying to the necessity of a public. However the increase of motorcycles fleet in the citiesroad system has generated conflicts between the conductors; so it leads to the occurrence oftraffic accidents that generally causes wounds to the victims or deaths, since the motorcycle isa vehicle without enough protection to the users. In Uberlândia the traffic accidents problemis also evident. Therefore the objective of this dissertation is to know and to characterize themotorcycles traffic accidents occurred in the period between 2002 and 2004, at the city. Thelocal reality knowledge on the traffic accidents is the first step to reduce the number ofvictims. In this way, with data of the Occurrence Reports, it was evidenced that 26.06% of TAin Uberlândia involves motorcycle drivers. However, as the DATASUS, the motorcycledrivers represent 45% of the accident victims who need medical internments and 35.24% ofthe deaths provoked by traffic accidents. According the Occurrence Reports, the DATASUSand the Medical Legal Post, between the traffic accident victims on motorcycles, more than80% of them are men, and the age of more involvement in accident is the young who are 20 to29 years old. Beyond the great use of motorcycle as individual transport for diverse reasons(work, school, leisure), it still serves as work instrument for professionals (office boys andmototaxi pilots). Thus the motorcycle is a form of job and even the way for many peopleingress in the work market. In the activities of delivery and transport of passengers, the officeboys and mototaxi pilots workers are displayed for some hours to the transit under great riskof accidents. In a preliminary research, we evidenced that 61% of the mototaxi pilots worksbetween 9 and 12 daily hours. About the office boys, 66% work up until eight hours a day/however, 28% work 9 to 12 hours. The research indicated that 50% of the office boys and74% of the mototaxis pilot workers already had been involved in traffic accidents. On theprofessionals already involved in traffic accidents, nearly 56% of the office boys and 58% ofthe mototaxis pilots workers already had been involved in accident for more than two times.This study presents the joint necessity of actions to reduce the number of victims in the traffic.Between them, the agencies integration of the information that deal with this subject in anonly local (Data Base) to have a faster reply on the knowledge and characterization of theaccidents, making possible actions of short, medium and long term. The training of militarypolicemen, transit agents and firemen is necessary for these professionals have cares in theconfection of Occurrence Report that are essentials to collect information about accidents; thetraining of the professionals responsible for the maintenance of the Data base ? this way,inconsistencies don?t occur and don?t difficult the analysis of the information; finally, theawareness of the professionals of the hospitals and the Legal Medical Rank fat they identify ifthe patients are victims of traffic accidents. The identification of the critical points and theaccidents victims serves as subsidy to the short-term treatment of the places where there is themost occurrences of accidents, and medium and long term to all system. Beyond, it assists thepermanent education for the traffic campaigns destined to all, but mainly focused on the motodrivers and professional pilots, remembering the importance of the inspecting.
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Advisor:Julio Cesar de Lima Ramires; Denise Labrea Ferreira; Archimedes Azevedo Raia Junior

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:geografia motocicletas acidentes de trânsito uberlândia mg


Date of Publication:02/15/2007

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