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The growing traffic demands and an aging transportation network necessitate highway construction to initiate and intensify efforts to accelerate repair and rehabilitation. Statistics show that vehicle miles have grown by 80 % between 1982 -2000 while the lane miles increased by only 3.8% during the same period. Any effort to close or restrict the highway for repair and rehabilitation work leads to unsafe conditions and major traffic delays. Extensive research has been conducted in various aspects of accelerated construction. Surveys have been conducted to identify factors for the success of different innovative contractual agreements. The contracts that were looked at for this work were design build, incentive/disincentive, A+B, warranty and Lane Rental. Research on accelerated construction has focused on the overall aspect of implementation of such concepts. This thesis however deals exclusively with the execution of the accelerated construction initiative by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Three bridges constructed under the initiative were chosen for study and research. The construction of the bridges, the ones in Guernsey, Clinton and Montgomery counties were observed by visiting the construction site, attending the pre and post construction meeting. These bridges used prefabricated post tensioned bridge decks. Data and information collected at the site and by interaction with different people associated in different capacity through the construction process was put together. The bridges in Clinton and Montgomery counties were compared because of the intrinsic similarity with the projects. Both were constructed using similar techniques and by the same contractor. One was a success and other not. The comparison revealed that small changes in the construction and planning were reflected in a substantial difference in project success. The conclusions and recommendations were based on the experience and understanding of the accelerated construction initiative. It showed that some of the areas that need to be worked on and improved upon for the project success are planning, changing of the existing mindset and other administrative issues and not technical aspects.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:bridges construction accelerated bridge innovative odot s strategic innitiative


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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