LÄTT ATT GÖRA RÄTT VAL? : En uppsats om den profilerade högstadieskolans kommunikation med blivande elever och deras föräldrar.

by Cassman, Erika

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractTitle: Is it easy to make the right decision? An essay about how the profiled senior level schools communicate with their future pupils and their parents. (Lätt att göra rätt val? En uppsats om den profilerade högstadieskolans kommunikation med blivande elever och deras föräldrar.)Author: Erika CassmanAim: My hypothesis is that parental influence is higher when the students are going to a detached school than when the students are going to a school with a profiled program because in the profiled program they are going to study a course that they love and is chosen by themselves. The aim of this essay is therefore to find out if this thesis is right or wrong. Furthermore I want to find out how the senior level schools inform their future pupils about their school and their special profile. Does the information work? Is it easy to make the right decision?Method/Material: I have made interviews in two schools and interviewed the director of the comprehensive school of the municipality of Uppsala. Furthermore Ihave sent out an inquiry to the seventh grade pupils and their parents at Katarinaskolan and Gränbyskolan. To see if the local press in Uppsala has written something about the seventh grade pupils’ school choices I have looked at Upsala Nya Tidning and Tidningen 1 Uppsalatidningen.Main Results: The most frequent source of information is the schools own websites. Communication mouth to mouth is also common. Almost all of the informants say that an information meeting is a good way to get information. The children and their parents who do not have access to the Internet or do not know anyone at either of the schools in the study will not get the same information as the ones that have Internet or know someone at Katarinaskolan or Gränbyskolan. To get information the parents have to be active in their information seeking. If they do not seek information actively they do not get the information and the lack of information segregates pupils from each other.Number of pages: 42 (74 including enclosures)Course: Media and Communication Studies CUniversity: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala UniversityPeriod: Autumn 2006Tutor: Peder Hård af SegerstadKeywords: Senior level school, detached school, profile, segregation, communication, the municipality of Uppsala, Katarinaskolan, Gränbyskolan, Upsala Nya Tidning, Tidningen 1 Uppsalatidningen
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:senior level school detached profile segregation communication the municipality of uppsala katarinaskolan gränbyskolan upsala nya tidning tidningen 1 uppsalatidningen


Date of Publication:12/06/2007

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