by Yeh, Lung

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(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract of a thesis entitled "A Study of the Poetry of Wang An-Shih (1021-1086)" submitted by Yeh Lung for the degree of Master of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong in April, 1977.

Wang Ah-Shih ( j. ~;a ) (1021-1086), a famous politician of the Northern Sung Dynasty, was not only an innovator in politics but also in literature. His achievements in poetry were by no means less than his prominent contemporaries such as Su Shih (-t ~ ) and Huan Ting-chian (~~ ~ ). Since his poems embodied the spirit of anti-traditionalism he was depreciated by the conservative Confucianists. Consequently

his work has been neglected for a long time.

This thesis attempts to find out some clues of Wang's innovatory thought on politics implicit in his poems and at the same time to dig out his artistry in shih composition which has been overlooked by general readers.

The first Chapter of this thesis presents a collection of critical statements on Wang's poetry and allows the readers to make their own judgement. To trace the origin of his poetry (in Chapter Two) establishes that Wang's style was deeply in-

fluenced by the poets of the T'ang Dynasty, such as Tu Fu ( jJ: ir ), Han Yu (~~ ), Li Po (.# ~ ), Pai Chu-i

( ~ }t ~ ) and Tu Mu (.~~ ~ ). Chapter Three discusses the characteristics of his poems, particularly in the use of

language. Chapters Four and Five evaluate his achievements in chi-chU poems (to piece together phrases from quotations into poems) (~J9J ~ ) and his theories on poetry respectively.

The final Chapter, by analysing his poems, discusses-Wang's

anti-traditionalism within the compass of his idea of political reform.

This thesis intends to enable the readers to have a better understanding of Wang's poetry along the line of his thought as well as his art.

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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:wang anshi 1021 1086 criticism and interpretation


Date of Publication:01/01/1977

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