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by Gustafsson, Markus

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose with this report is to make a contribution to Bodycote heat treatments workshop in Värnamo, how to introduce, establish and constantly improve its environmental system. The rapport will help Bodycote with there certifying in ISO 14001: s demand standard. Organizations who continuously work with environmental issues have a lot to gain. Two things an active environmental development process will convey are, building of thrust within the circle of customers, and great financial savings. An increasingly numbers of organizations realize the importance to introduce a functioning environmental system into their activity. The investment in a functional environmental system normally has a pay back time in just a few years.A perusal was carried out of the current documents and routines in the environmental system of the workshop. This perusal has later been presented through comments and by proposals to improvements. The result of the perusal showed that there are certain areas of the environmental system that not are properly fulfilled by the standard demands. For example the guaranteed concern for the important environmental aspects, when the system is established, introduced and supported. The problem is rooted in the lack of information documented by the organization. There shall be a list documented over the most important environmental aspects.Other important demands that the standard proclaim, is the comprehensive and the detailed environmental goals. These goals are not established, introduced or supported. Each environmental goal shall have an achievement plan, plans that are yet not active or documented. According to the demands in standard, the workshop shall guarantee that the measurement of environmental performance is performed in a proper way. A routine on these demands was not found during the perusal.The conclusion of the perusal is that the most of the criteria’s in the standard is fulfilled by Värnamo workshop. To succeed with the certifying, the workshop shall especially look at demands concerning the important environmental aspects, the comprehensive and the detailed environmental goals. These demands are vital through out the whole environmental system. However, the other demands that are not fulfilled are also important.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/02/2008

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