40 Gbps SiGe pattern generator IC with variable clock skew and output levels

by 1981- Zahller, Matthew John

Abstract (Summary)
by Matthew John Zahller, MS Washington State University December 2006 Chair: George S. La Rue A single-chip 40 Gbps pattern generator design in 0.18 ┬Ám SiGe BiCMOS technology is described. An on-chip 128x128 bit RAM with an access time of 3 ns stores the data pattern. A hybrid 128:1 CMOS/ECL multiplexer increases the output data rate from the RAM to 40 Gbps. The output driver is back terminated with 50 ohms and provides programmable levels in the range -2 V to 2 V into a 50 ohm load. The simulated pattern dependent jitter is under 1 ps at all output levels. The clock can be delayed by a programmable number of clock cycles plus a vernier delay of up to 50 ps in 0.2 ps steps in simulation. Power dissipation is up to 1.5 W depending on the output amplitude and termination voltage. iv
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School:Washington State University

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:integrated circuits


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