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In many cases, computer models provide design engineers with an effective tool to simulate various criteria of physical systems. The output of such models can be formatted and displayed in a graphical manner to communicate information to the user more effectively. Images of scattering centers can provide greater insight into the meaning of electromagnetic field solutions. This work will provide an application that will process the solution of a three dimensional (3-D) finite element solver and provide the user with a graphical interface to view images of scattering centers in 3-D. The primary focus of this work is to expand upon the methods employed by Schaffer 1 where an analytical technique was employed to take a numerical solution for the current distribution on a surface and produce a two dimensional image of the scattering centers. An existing finite element model (FEM) will supply the numerical solution of the current distribution for 3-D surfaces. A software routine will be developed to analyze the FEM solution to create results for scattering centers about the surface. The results will then be formatted in such a way that a 2-D image of the scattering centers will be displayed on a plane of incidence bisecting a 3-D object as the final output. 1. NASA Technical Paper 3569 Bistatic k-Space Imaging for Electromagnetic Prediction Codes for Scattering and Antennas John F. Shaeffer, Kam W. Hom, R. Craig Baucke, Brett A. Cooper, Noel A. Talcott, Jr.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

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Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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