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Analysis of Bacterial Diversity and Biogeography at the Central Arizona-Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) Site
301 Rash, Brian Anthony 2004-11-11 Louisiana State University in Shreveport - USA - Louisiana THESIS
Buller men and batty bwoys, hidden men in Toronto and Halifax Black communities
302 Crichlow, Wesley E. 1998-01-01 THESIS
Evolution of the doctrine and practice of humanitarian intervention
303 Abiew, Francis Kofi 1997-01-01 THESIS
Three essays on serial innovator firms and geographical clustering
304 Libaers, Dirk 2008-11-10 Georgia Institute of Technology - USA - Georgia THESIS
Etude des biais de composition en acides aminés des protéines microbiennes
305 Pascal, Géraldine 2006-03-21 THESIS
Alberta women in the field, geoscientists in the resource industry, government research, and academia, 1914-1999
306 O'Donnell, Cynthia Nelles 2000-01-01 THESIS
From the provinces, the representation of regional identity in the British music hall, c. 1880-1914
307 Crocker, Nicole Amanda 1998-01-01 THESIS
Spatialisation du risque de transmission de Fièvre de la Vallée du Rift en milieu agropastoral sahélien du Sénégal septentrional
308 Pin-Diop, Raphaëlle 2006-09-03 THESIS
Theatre magick: Aleister Crowley and the Rites of eleusis
309 Tupman, Tracy Ward 2003-01-01 The Ohio State University - USA - Ohio THESIS
Die Bedeutung von Fermentation, Photosynthese und Pyrophosphat fu?r das U?berleben von Pflanzen unter Sauerstoffmangel
310 Oberlin College - USA - Ohio THESIS
Why the Old Traditions Will Not Fail: Landscape, Legends, and the Construction of Place at Dartmouth College
311 Wade, Charles H. 2009-07-13 Louisiana State University in Shreveport - USA - Louisiana THESIS
Imaginative space and the construction of community, the drama of Augustine's two cities in the English Renaissance
312 Minton, Gretchen E. 1999-01-01 THESIS
Procedure and patronage in the Parliament of 1626, the membership and function of committees in the House of Lords and the House of Commons
313 Sorensen, Lise Dybkar 1999-01-01 THESIS
A strategy for assessing environmental fate and exposure of chemicals
314 MacLeod, Matthew John 1999-01-01 THESIS
Federalism in multinational societies, Switzerland, Canada, and India in comparative perspective
315 Telford, Hamish 1999-01-01 THESIS
Not just ‘old men in raincoats’: effectiveness of specialised community treatment programmes for sexually abusive children and youth in New Zealand
316 Fortune, Clare-Ann Gabrielle 2007-01-01 The University of Auckland / Te Whare Wananga o Tamaki Makaurau - New Zealand THESIS
Sustainability of Canada's forest sector, estimating economic depreciation of Canada's timber resources
317 Tamai, Satoshi 2000-01-01 THESIS
Fonctionnement des écosystèmes et invasions biologiques : importance de la biodiversité et des interactions interspécifiques
318 Goudard, Alexandra 2007-06-14 THESIS
Borders, boundaries and connection, the political economy of transborder cooperation in northeast Asia
319 Jiang, Hong-kuan 1997-01-01 THESIS
Negotiating @#&%, decensorship, censure-ship, and 20th-century novels in Britain and North America
320 Clandfield, Peter David 1997-01-01 THESIS
The Bias of the World: Theories of Unequal Exchange in History
321 Brolin, John, PhD 2007-01-01 Lunds universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
Tactiques de reproduction et sélection sexuelle chez les ongulés Le cas d'une espèce territoriale avec faible dimorphisme sexuel de taille: le chevreuil européen (Capreolus Capreolus)
322 Vanpé, Cécile 2008-03-07 THESIS
Places of power, sacred sites, Gaia's pilgrims, and the politics of landscape. an interpretive study of the geographics of new age and contemporary earth spirituality, with reference to Glastonbury, England, and Sedona, Arizona
323 Iwachiw, Adrian 1997-01-01 THESIS
Egyptian women (in Cairo), struggles for identity and citizenship
324 Belcher El-Nahhas, Susan Margaret 1999-01-01 THESIS
Ambassador Frederick Nolting's role in American diplomatic & military policy toward the government of South Vietnam, 1961-1963
325 Shaw, Geoffrey D. 1999-01-01 THESIS
Monnaie, Liquidité, faillite : une histoire analytique de la crise japonaise
326 Andrieu-Lacu, Cyrille 2007-03-27 THESIS

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