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Global Warming and Our Natural Duties of Justice : A cosmopolitan political conception of justice
701 Maltais, Aaron 2008-01-01 Uppsala universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
702 Basly, Sami 2006-11-26 THESIS
Understanding the world wool market : trade, productivity and grower incomes
703 Verikios, George 2007-01-01 THESIS
Effects on international trade and trade finance of a transition to electronic methods
704 Dixon, Mark Kimberley 2006-01-01 THESIS
The Regional Role of the University : A Study of Knowledge Creation in the Agora between Agder University College and Regional Actors in Agder, Norway
705 Karlsen, James 2007-01-01 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet - Norway THESIS
New Zealand's Relations With Northeast Asia: Links and Interactions Under Globalisation
706 Stringer, Christina A 1999-01-01 The University of Auckland / Te Whare Wananga o Tamaki Makaurau - New Zealand THESIS
Federalism, diplomacy and education, Canada's role in education-related international activities, 1960-1984
707 Allison, John Daniel 1999-01-01 THESIS
A Re-Examination of the Relationship between Spot Exchange Rate and Forward Exchange Rate ¢wApplication by Panel Cointegration
708 Lee, Zhen-Yi 2005-07-21 National Sun Yat-Sen University - China - Taiwan THESIS
Fluctuations cycliques dans une zone de libre-échange : le cas de la communauté andine des nations
709 Quijada, José Alejandro 2007-07-03 THESIS
Developing a safety net for Ukraine
710 Rohozynsky, Oleksandr. Pardee Rand Graduate School - USA - California THESIS
About face : Asian representations of Australia
711 Broinowski, Alison Elizabeth;, null 2002-01-01 THESIS
Social security for solo mothers in Swedish and EU law : on the constructions of normality and the boundaries of social citizenship
712 Wennberg, Lena 2008-01-01 Umeå universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
An Empirical Analysis of Decentralization, Fiscal Competition and Welfare Policy
713 Fiva, Jon H 2006-01-01 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet - Norway THESIS
Espace communautaire européen : unité ou morcellement ?
714 Virol, Stéphane 2006-08-25 THESIS
The role of the ocean in convective burst initiation implications for tropical cyclone intensification /
715 Hennon, Paula Ann The Ohio State University - USA - Ohio THESIS
The 2007-2008 financial crisis- causes,consequences and implications
716 Senanayake, Nadia, MA 2009-07-27 Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin - Germany THESIS
A case study of the strategic nature of DaimlerChrysler South Africa's corporate social investment programmes in the local communities of the Border-Kei region in the Eastern Cape Province
717 Mak'ochieng, Alice Atieno 2004-01-01 Rhodes University - South Africa THESIS
The Diaspora of Korean Children: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Educational Crisis in Contemporary South Korea
718 Cho, Young-ee 2008-02-06 The University of Montana - USA - Montana THESIS
Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Multilevel Policy Network
719 Kim, Dong Won 2001-06-21 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - USA - Virginia THESIS
Gender Equity Issues in Technology Education: A Qualitative Approach to Uncovering the Barriers
720 Lee, Jennifer Anne 2008-12-15 North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
The cost competitiveness of Alberta dairy farms
721 Grant, Heather-Anne Ruth 2001-01-01 THESIS
Essays on bayesian and classical econometrics with small samples
722 Jarocinski, Marek 2006-06-15 Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Spain THESIS
The role of regional industry clusters in urban economic development an analysis of process and performance /
723 Morgan, Jonathan Quentin. North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
Estimating Oligopsony Power in the United States Market for Slaughter Hogs: An Error Correction Approach
724 Sperling, Richard 2002-01-01 The Ohio State University - USA - Ohio THESIS
Defining a changing world: the discourse of globalization
725 Teubner, Gillian 2003-05-01 Texas A&M University - USA - Texas THESIS
Characterizing the construct of organizational unity of effort in the interagency national security policy process
726 Severance, Paul Michael. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - USA - Virginia THESIS
IPv6: Politics of the Next Generation Internet
727 DeNardis, Laura Ellen 2006-04-05 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - USA - Virginia THESIS
International Research Collaboration, Research Team Performance, and Scientific & Technological Capabilities in Colombia -A Bottom-Up Perspective
728 Ordonez-Matamoros, Gonzalo 2008-12-16 Georgia Institute of Technology - USA - Georgia THESIS
Europos S?jungos cukraus reformos ?taka cukraus sektoriui Lietuvoje The Impact of European Union Sugar Reform on Sugar Sector in Lithuania
729 Krivickait?, Giedr? 2006-05-30 THESIS
Bidrag till familjens ekonomiska historia : Inflytande över konsumtionen inom svenska hushåll under 1900-talet
730 Simonsson, Per 2005-01-01 Stockholms universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
The placebo effect: international patent law and the protection of traditional plant medicine
731 Koutouki, Konstantia 2007-09-01 THESIS
La rendibilitat de les estacions catalanes d'esquí alpí
732 Massons Rabassa, Joan 2007-05-30 Universitat Rovira i Virgili - Spain THESIS
Lietuvos mokes?i? sistemos raida Development of Tax System in Lithuanian
733 Juknelien?, Daiva 2005-06-02 THESIS
Business Relationships Between Local Firms and MNCs in a less Developing Country :The Case of Libyan Firms
734 Alshaibi, Alsedieg, PhD 2008-01-01 Mälardalens högskola - Sweden DISSERTATION
735 Halili, Rushan 2000-02-09 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - USA - Virginia THESIS
Structural changes in nonstationary time series econometrics time varying cointegration and modeling catastrophic events /
736 1973- Martins, Luis Filipe Pennsylvania State University - USA - Pennsylvania THESIS
Inside the Red Box: North Korea's Post-totalitarian Politics
737 McEachern, Patrick 2009-04-24 Louisiana State University in Shreveport - USA - Louisiana THESIS
Implementation issues in the introduction of computers into the Iranian education system
738 Zamani, Bibi Eshrat 1997-01-01 THESIS
Taiwan steel industries H-Beam products anti-dumping research
739 Lee, Shu-Chuan 2003-05-09 National Sun Yat-Sen University - China - Taiwan THESIS
The Developed Patterns of China Renminbi Exchange Rate
740 Wu, I-chun 2006-02-08 National Sun Yat-Sen University - China - Taiwan THESIS
The Triumph of Technology Over Politics? :Reconstructing Television Systems: The Example of Sweden
741 Ewertsson, Lena, PhD 2001-01-01 Göteborgs universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
Multiproduct rational expectations forecasting of irrigation water demand an application to the Flint River Basin in Georgia /
742 1964- Banerjee, Swagata The University of Georgia - USA - Georgia THESIS
Factors affecting governmental/trade disparities among nations
743 1979- Jones, Michael Andrew North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
Factors Affecting Governmental / Trade Disparities Among Nations
744 Jones, Michael Andrew 2005-04-26 North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
745 Park, June 2007-06-22 University of Pittsburgh - USA - Pennsylvania THESIS
Transition to Large Scale Use of Hydrogen and Sustainable Energy Services and nonlinearity : Choices of technology and infrastructure under path dependence, feedback
746 Gether, Kaare 2004-01-01 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet - Norway THESIS
Institutional challenges and leadership competencies in Chinese Ministry of Education directed universities in implementing the 1999 Chinese action scheme for invigorating education towards the 21st century
747 Yang, Xiaobo 2005-12-01 Texas A&M University - USA - Texas THESIS
Les options fondamentales de la finance moderne Domestication sociologique d'un produit financier
748 Martin, David 2007-06-27 THESIS
Continuity and change :institutions and transition in the Russian forest sector
749 Olsson, Mats-Olov, PhD 2008-01-01 Luleå tekniska universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
Crise financière et choc institutionnel : une comparaison des crises anglaise de 1866 et thaïlandaise de 1997
750 Foucaud, David 2007-09-21 THESIS

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