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International monetary relations between the United States, France, and West Germany in the 1970s
451 Rae, Michelle Frasher 2003-08-01 Texas A&M University - USA - Texas THESIS
Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures: The Case of Mexican Avocados
452 Bakshi, Nishita 2003-08-04 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - USA - Virginia THESIS
Technological change in the U.S. agriculture the role of public and private R & D /
453 1974- Tokgo?z, Simla North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
Sjötransporter och regional omvandling : Regleringen av den norrländska vintersjöfarten 1940-1975
454 Eriksson, Martin 2006-01-01 Umeå universitet - Sweden THESIS
The internationalisation process of the firm : a case study
455 Sylverberg, Tomas 2004-01-01 Linköpings universitet - Sweden THESIS
El model japonès de gestió dels recursos humans i las seva implantació a les filials japoneses de Catalunya
456 Curós Vilà, Pilar 2002-12-20 Universitat de Girona - Spain THESIS
Economic integration, a legal perspective on the creation of regional trading blocs
457 Pedel, Anne 2001-01-01 THESIS
Investicij? ?taka darbo rinkos strukt?ros poky?iams Šiauli? mieste The influence of investments on structural changes of labour market in the town of Šiauliai
458 Peleckien?, Erika 2006-06-03 THESIS
Organic produce price forecasting at a farm level criteria, methods, and forecast evaluation /
459 1977- Gubanova, Tatiana The University of Georgia - USA - Georgia THESIS
Entry Mode Strategies for ire in to the Polish Market : A Case Study of ire Möbel AB
460 Johansson, Christopher; Ingvarsson, Carl-Johan; Spak, Fredrik 2007-10-10 Högskolan i Jönköping - Sweden THESIS
International taxation and the income shifting behaviour of multinational enterprises
461 Hoffman, Michael Douglas 2001-01-01 THESIS
Panel data analysis of sources of productivity growth in Korean manufacturing plants
462 Song, Backhoon. Pennsylvania State University - USA - Pennsylvania THESIS
Open-access resources and international trade
463 Francis, Michael Peter 1999-01-01 THESIS
What a wonderful world, multilateral chemical management conventions, liberalisation policies and the chemical industry
464 Cowling, Robin Lynne 1998-01-01 THESIS
Non-linear aspects of capital market integration
465 1971- Mancuso, Anthony Joseph North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
Facing Vietnam : -Which are the main reasons that there are not more Scandinavian companies established in Vietnam
466 Lind, Johanna; Wadström, Ylva 2005-01-01 THESIS
Debt dependency, debt relief, and macroeconomic policies: how does the structure of external and domestic debt affect the well being of a country?s citizenry?
467 Burns, Jackie Rene 2004-12-01 Texas A&M University - USA - Texas THESIS
Essays on Endowment Fund Management
468 Ogunc, Kurtay N. 2002-04-18 Louisiana State University in Shreveport - USA - Louisiana THESIS
The banking system of Hong Kong, perspectives on changes and development
469 Chan, Yuen Yin 1998-01-01 THESIS
From All Sides: How Mexico Ended Up in the Eye of the Drug Storm
470 Davi, Ariana 2009-05-13 University of Miami - USA - Florida THESIS
Leadership Survival and the Process of Economic Integration
471 Porche, Schuyler Richard 2009-04-09 Louisiana State University in Shreveport - USA - Louisiana THESIS
Normes fondamentales du travail et développement économique
472 Bazillier, Rémi 2008-02-21 THESIS
A Game Theoretic Analysis of U.S. Rice Exports under Alternative Japanese and South Korean Policy Scenarios
473 Lee, Dae-Seob 2002-01-28 Louisiana State University in Shreveport - USA - Louisiana THESIS
Lifecycle of social networks: A dynamic analysis of social capital accumulation
474 Munasib, Abdul B. 2005-01-01 The Ohio State University - USA - Ohio THESIS
Outsourcing Production to China : Risks and Benefits Based on Cases
475 Wei, Sally Bin; Arnell, Fredrik 2006-01-01 THESIS
The robustness of charismatic leadership as a universal paradigm
476 Carl, Dale Everton 1999-01-01 THESIS
Resource Configuration and Value Creation Following Mergers and Acquisitions
477 Murshed, Feisal 2005-09-06 University of Pittsburgh - USA - Pennsylvania THESIS
The role of wastepaper in the pulp and paper industry :investments, technical change and factor substitution
478 Lundmark, Robert, PhD 2002-01-01 Luleå tekniska universitet - Sweden DISSERTATION
479 Service, Jessica M. 2005-01-01 Miami University - USA - Ohio THESIS
Dynamic Factor Analysis as a Methodology of Business Cycle Research
480 Kholodilin, Konstantin A. 2003-04-23 Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona - Spain THESIS
Canada's free trade policy experience, from economic adjustment to civil participation
481 Krouzil, Jan 2001-01-01 THESIS
Commodity aid, borrowing and employment in a small open economy
482 Osakwe, Patrick N. 1997-01-01 THESIS
Modeling transactions costs band and nonlinear price dynamics in forest commodity markets
483 1966- He, Dequan North Carolina State University - USA - North Carolina THESIS
The Effect of The Financial Holding Company¡¦s Value for Their Issuing European Convertible Bond
484 Wang, Hui-Wen 2004-06-28 National Sun Yat-Sen University - China - Taiwan THESIS
Two steps forward and one step back, the role of dispute settlement in elucidating the norm of environmental protection in the world trade organization
485 Cameron, Hugo Donald 1998-01-01 THESIS
Modelización No Browniana de series temporales financieras
486 Espinosa Navarro, Fernando 2002-02-12 Universitat de Barcelona - Spain THESIS
Reforma do estado e a gestao do saneamento: uma trajetoria incompleta [electronic resource].
487 Zveibil, Victor Zular.; Costa, Nilson do THESIS
Impacts environnementaux de l'industrialisation et du commerce international en Chine : cas de l'émission industrielle de SO2
488 He, Jie 2006-12-08 THESIS
A Grounded Theory Approach to Studying Dislocated Workers Decisions and Perceptions Regarding Retraining and Reemployment Programs and Services
489 Burnett, Richard Gregory 2003-12-08 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - USA - Virginia THESIS
Towards regionalism through the Asean-China free trade area: prospects and challenges.
490 Purba, Mandala Sukarto 2006-01-01 University of the Western Cape/Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland - South Africa THESIS
<> political economy of the regulatory process an empirical approach
491 Duso, Tomaso 2002-07-17 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Germany THESIS
Trends and determinants of inward foreign direct investment to South Africa
492 Rusike, T. G. 2008-01-01 Rhodes University - South Africa THESIS
Essays on consumption with habit formation
493 Seckin, Zennube Aylin 1999-01-01 THESIS
An Optimization-Based Approach to the Funding of a Loan Portfolio
494 Brushammar, Tobias; Windelhed, Erik 2004-01-01 Linköpings universitet - Sweden THESIS
Transnational Corporations, Economic Development and Human Rights: On the Importance of FDI Composition and Host Country Assets
495 Letnes, Bjørn 2008-01-01 Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet - Norway THESIS
The instrument problem under inflation targeting in an open economy: the case of Costa Rica
496 Madrigal-López, Róger 2004-01-01 The Ohio State University - USA - Ohio THESIS
The North American Free Trade Agreement and environment debate a case study on the influence of values, beliefs, and life experiences in government agenda-setting /
497 Perin, Laurie A. Bowling Green State University - USA - Ohio THESIS
Long run real exchange rate movements in fourteen Asian economies, the validity of purchasing power parity
498 Khoo, Sye Min 1998-01-01 THESIS
Evaluation of socioeconomic characteristics of farmers who choose to adopt a new type of crop and factors that influence the decision to adopt switchgrass for energy production
499 1978- Ellis, Pamela C. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - USA - Tennessee THESIS
Three essays in spatial econometrics and labor economics
500 Le, Canh Quang 2009-01-01 Kansas State University - USA - Kansas THESIS

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